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Over the years, it has provided a pleasant, peaceful spot for walks or meditation. Poplar, Wunden Plots, Locust, Maple and Dog-wood trees line the well tended paths. John Mueller, who died on June 26, Wunden Plots, was the first to Wunden Plots buried there. Mueller was a young man who had arrived in Bethlehem Wunden Plots few weeks before his death. Christian Froehlich, Moravian missionary, dug this first grave for Mueller. The northwest portion, along Market Street, is the Wunden Plots section of the graveyard.

The suggestion is that the deceased are sown in the field in hope of resurrection. It is the traditional name for graveyards used by the Moravian Church and does not refer to a specific measurement.

Most Moravian graveyards are situated on hilltops. The view is now blocked by the surrounding buildings. Each marker, about 18 by 24 inches, has been inscribed with minimal information; name, age and birthplace of the deceased.

Occasionally you find a quotation from the Scriptures, selected by the deceased's family, Wunden Plots. The markers lie flush to Wunden Plots ground in neat rows. The the location of a burial was determined by the next open space, Wunden Plots, with no indication of the importance of the individual. This reflected the Moravian belief that everyone was equal. The deceased were buried within the area dedicated to their Wunden Plots. A choir was a group within the congregation of the same gender, Wunden Plots, age and marital status.

The separated groups were single men, single women, young boys, young girls, widows, widowers, and infants. In the early years of the settlement, married couples lived a part but Wunden Plots allowed to meet once a week for private visits, Wunden Plots. The graveyard is divided by a walkway that separates males Wunden Plots females.

As a sign of great respect, her grave was located in the center of God's Acre. It was an Moravian custom that the trombone choir announce the death of a congregant from the belfry of the Central Moravian Church by playing the chorale O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden.

A second chorale was played that identified the choir of the deceased. A fellow congregant, sat by the body, night and day until the burial. The body was prepared by washing and wrapped in a white shroud, Wunden Plots.

The memoir is either autobiographical or written by a loved one. The practice was instituted so that the deceased might Wunden Plots a voice at their own funeral.

The body in a casket was Primäre Behandlung von Krampfadern an den Beinen Schritt to the graveyard. A love feast was the usual conclusion to the funeral service. This is a scripted event that has been carried out in the same manner since in Germany and since in Bethlehem the oldest Easter sunrise service in the U, Wunden Plots. The service begins in the church and ends in the graveyard just as the sun is rising.

The idea of a sunrise Easter service was so inspiring that it was adopted by other denominations. In the church elders selected Nisky Hill as the site of new cemetery. It took until for the last internment to be buried in the old cemetery, making it 2, graves.

However, Nisky Hill came into use as early as Bethlehem Moravians left some of their traditions behind when they switched to the Nisky Hill Cemetery by opting for family plots and more ostentatious tombstones.

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Sign in Hidden fields Patents Plots von Krampfadern. Device for photodynamic therapy. Plots von Krampfadern, Wunden Plots display for displaying the camera image and an overlaid on-screen grid and marking agents is available. Auf dem Display werden nebeneinander Bilder von zu verschiedenen Zeiten aufgenommenen Wundarealen dargestellt, Wunden Plots den Heilungsprozess bestimmen zu können.

Side by side images are represented Wunden Plots recorded at different times Wunden Plots areas in order to determine the healing process can on the display. Das Raster und ebenso die Markierungen ermöglichen die exakte Ausrichtung der Kamera derart, dass die Kamera für beide Bilder jeweils auf den gleichen Zielbereich gerichtet ist.

The grid and also the markings allow the exact alignment of the camera so that the camera http: Mit der Positioniereinrichtung ist die Bestrahlungseinheit insgesamt zum Wundareal einstellbar, wobei eine Bewegung oder Führung der Lichtquellen auf oder in der Bestrahlungseinheit nicht vorgesehen ist. With the positioning device, the irradiation unit as a whole is adjustable for wound area, wherein a movement or guidance of the light sources is not provided on Wunden Plots in the irradiation unit.

Die Bestrahlungseinheit Plots von Wunden Plots mehrere Lichtquellen, mittels welchen ein auf das zu therapierende Wundareal aufgebrachte Photosensitizer aktiviert wird. The irradiation unit Plots von Krampfadern a plurality of light Plots von Krampfadern, by means of which one will be activated on the applied wound area to be treated photosensitizers. Die Bestrahlungseinheit enthält eine Kamera, mittels welcher vor Durchführung und go here der Durchführung der Therapie Aufnahmen vom Wundareal gemacht werden.

The irradiation Plots von Krampfadern includes a camera, be Plots von Krampfadern by means of which before implementation and during execution of the treatment photographs of the wound area, Wunden Plots. The light sources of a cluster-lamp with a plurality of light emitting diodes LED Plots von Krampfadern link and fixed in the irradiation unit by means of a heat sink in the form, Wunden Plots.

Weiterhin sind Varizen behandelt mit Jod zur Überwachung des Abstands der Bestrahlungseinheit zum Wundareal vorgesehen. Furthermore, distance sensors for monitoring the distance between the irradiation unit are provided for the wound area, Wunden Plots. Die mittels der Lichtquelle der Bestrahlungseinheit Plots von Krampfadern Energie wird dabei auf Wunden Plots Mikroorganismen konzentriert click here die Gleichgewichtslage von Reaktionen, welche im nichtbelichteten Zustand im "normalen Milieu" ablaufen, werden verschoben und infolgedessen werden die Mikroorganismen zerstört, Wunden Plots.

The energy generated by the light source of the irradiation unit focuses on the microorganisms Schwangerschaft Krampfadern Lippe the equilibrium of reactions that take place in the unexposed state in the "normal environment", move, Wunden Plots, and as a result, the microorganisms are destroyed.

Die vorbekannte Vorrichtung enthält einen mit der Bestrahlungseinheit koppelbaren Applikator mit einem Lichtleiter, Wunden Plots, wobei das freie Ende des Applikators möglichst nahe an den zu therapierenden Bereich zwecks Bestrahlung Plots von Krampfadern herangeführt wird. The known apparatus includes a radiation unit can here coupled to the applicator with a light conductor, wherein the free end of the applicator is brought thereof as close to Plots von Krampfadern area to undergo therapy for the purpose of irradiation, Wunden Plots.

Diese Vorrichtung hat sich besonders in der Zahnmedizin bzw. This device has proven particularly useful in dentistry or the mouth, jaw or facial area. For example, treatment of large wounds such or in the field of wound healing, the known device can be used without further ado. Es sei hier nur beispielshaft auf typische chronische Wunden bzw. Reference is also made only by way of example on typical Lungenembolie Buch wounds and skin ulcers, such as wound ulcers that occur in a Plots von Krampfadern mobile patients in the coccyx http: The device should be possible to adapt easily and without much effort on the different positions of wounds, with a simple adjustment is to be given.

Ferner soll das Gewicht der Bestrahlungseinheit möglichst gering vorgegeben werden können, Betrieb, wenn es möglich ist, arbeiten, sie von der Positioniereinrichtung zuverlässig in einer vom Behandler eingestellten Position gehalten werden kann.

Furthermore, the weight of the irradiation unit can be set as low as possible, so that they can be kept by the positioning reliably in an adjusted position by the practitioner. The solution of this task is carried out with respect to the device according to the features specified in claim 1.

Für das Einwirken des Photosensitizers wird eine definierte Zeit vorgegeben, insbesondere wenigstens 2 min. The action Wunden Plots the photosensitizer for a defined time is specified, in particular at least 2 min.

Daraufhin erfolgt die Belichtung mit lichtgeeigneter Wellenlänge und Energie. Then, the exposure is effected with light of suitable wavelength and energy. Das mittels source Kamera erfasste Wundareal wird auf einem Display zur Anzeige gebracht http: Das Display ist vorteilhaft Bestandteil einer Bedieneinheit, Wunden Plots, welche zusätzliche Tasten zum Scannen bzw, Wunden Plots.

The display is advantageous component of a control unit, which contains additional buttons for scanning or creating the image of the wound area, as well as to start or stop the radiation or other input keys. Des weiteren enthält die Bedieneinheit in bevorzugter Weise Anzeigelemente für den Plots von Krampfadern Abstandssensoren erfassten Abstand der Bestrahlungseinheit zu der zu therapierenden Wunde bzw.

An electronic or mechanical error monitoring, optionally or preferably an operating unit is included, Energieversorgungseinheit, Wunden Plots, welche optional in einen Gerätewagen Plots von Krampfadern ist, incl. Sicherheiteinrichtungen, Power supply unit, which is optionally integrated into a trolley, incl, Wunden Plots. Tools such as applicators or swab, Wunden Plots. The elemination - among others - as alleged in the following pathogens is indexed and has been demonstrated by a clinical pilot study.

Streptokokken - Staphylococcus schleiferi Streptococci - Staphylococcus schleiferi Streptococcus agalactiae B - Enterobacter cloacae Streptococcus agalactiae B - Enterobacter cloacae Coagulase neg. Dieser Farbstoff ist ein Verbrauchsmaterial und wird in Einzeldosen abgepackt, welche für eine Wundbehandlung mit definierter maximaler Wundfläche ausreicht.

This dye is a consumable material and is packaged in unit dose which is sufficient for wound treatment having a defined maximum wound surface. The invention is explained in more detail with reference to the embodiments shown in the drawings, without this restriction is done.

Es zeigen in schematischen Darstellungen: There are schematic representations: Arrangement of three laser irradiation unit or units of Plots von Krampfadern irradiation device. Laserdiode, Wunden Plots, a flow chart for positioning the pivotable light source or laser diode, Wunden Plots, Fig.

Camera images of the wound in the Wunden Plots screen and selected fields in different irradiation positions. Trolley 8, which carries the entire unit.

Um die geforderten Leistungsdaten zu erreichen, ist folgendes vorgesehen: To achieve the required performance, the following is provided: Die Lichtquellen, insbesondere Halbleiter-Laserdioden, sind linear bzw, Wunden Plots. The light sources, Wunden Plots, especially semiconductor laser diodes are arranged linearly or in matrix form, wherein the number of the laser diodes are oriented to the output power of the type used. Wunden Plots Bestrahlung erfolgt in bevorzugter Weise aus Plots von Krampfadern Richtungen, um Plots von Krampfadern das zu behandelnde Therapieareal räumlich zu bestrahlen und andererseits die geforderte hohe Leistungsdichte zu erreichen, The irradiation is carried out in a preferred manner from three directions to irradiate the one hand the treatment area to be treated in space and on the other hand to achieve the required high power density, [] [] In In Fig.

Krampfadern Behandlung Terpentin this variant, no spatial irradiation is performed.

Respect to a central light source Nachfolgend werden der Einfachheit halber die Lichtquellen als Laserdioden bezeichnet, doch erfolgt hierdurch keine Beschränkung der Erfindung. Subsequently the sake of simplicity referred to as laser diodes, the light sources, but no limitation of the invention is carried out. Sicherheitseinrichtungen 4 M3 power supply unit incl, Wunden Plots.

M1C housing 18 and irradiation unit. Das Display 20 ist insbesondere Bestandteil einer weiter unten noch zu erläuternden Bedieneinheit.

The therapeutic range, wherein a user Plots von Krampfadern grasps the hand grips appropriately on the housing. Das Lasersystem 24 enthält die drei Laserdioden The laser system 24 includes the three laser diodes Des Weiteren ist eine Kamera 28 vorgesehen, welche bevorzugt mit der Lasereinheit 24 gekoppelt und positionierbar ist.

Furthermore, a camera 28 is provided which is preferably coupled to the laser unit 24 and positioned, Wunden Plots. Der Verfahrweg des Lasersystems 24 ist mittels der Linearführung 26 vorgegeben und Plots von Krampfadern bei dieser Ausführungsform Wunden Plots im Wesentlichen 15 cm.

Wunden Plots traverse of the Plots von Krampfadern system 24 is specified by the linear Plots von Krampfadern 26 and in this embodiment is Wunden Plots substantially 15 cm. In the present invention, the linear guide 26 may be set for a different size of the travel.

Beispielshaft ist mit der Linie 30 die Oberfläche eines mittels der Lasereinheiten bestrahlten dicken Beines angeordnet, dessen Durchmesser mm beträgt, Wunden Plots.

By way of example the line 30 with the surface of an irradiated by the laser units thick leg arranged whose diameter is mm, Wunden Plots. Die drei identischen Lasereinheiten, welche in die Bestrahlungseinheit 2 eingebaut sind, enthalten jeweils eine Laserdiode 32, Wunden Plots, einen Kühlkörper 34 sowie eine Optik The three identical laser units which are built into the irradiating unit 2, each comprise a laser diode 32, a heat sink 34, and an optical system The distance between the irradiation unit Wunden Plots adapted to the irradiation system correct power density, etc, Wunden Plots.

Der Regel-Abstand beträgt 10 cm Laserdiodenaustrittsstelle bis zur Wundoberflächeum ein Kamerabild aufnehmen zu können und Bestrahlung mit richtiger Leistungsdichte zu erhalten.

The control distance is 10 cm laser diode exit point Wunden Plots the wound surface to accommodate a camera image can and get exposure to real power density. Der Mindestabstand beträgt 8cm, um eine Berührung der Wunden Plots durch Plots von Krampfadern Gerät vor allem bei gekrümmten Oberflächen zu verhindern.

The minimum distance is 8cm in order to prevent contact of the wound through the device especially the case of curved surfaces. Der Maximalabstand beträgt 12cm, um eine ausreichende Leistungsdichte zu gewährleisten Messung jeweils im Zentrum des Strahls. The maximum distance is 12cm to ensure sufficient power density measured in each case in the center of the beam.

Das Gehäuse 18 ist derart gestaltet, dass bei gegebenem Abstand der Lasereinheit der Patient nicht berührt wird. The housing 18 is designed such that Wunden Plots a given distance of the laser unit, Wunden Plots, the patient will not be affected. With PS mit Krampfadern single irradiation a wound Strumpfhose für von Krampfadern is irradiated which covers a large part of the wounds.

A commitment to a definite size is not possible because these wounds vary greatly in their shapes, Wunden Plots. The goal, however, Wunden Plots, is a wound whose size corresponds to about half the surface of a human leg - to irradiate - within 10 minutes in the ideal case, Wunden Plots.

Innerhalb einer Behandlung ohne Repositionierung der Bestrahlungseinheit muss eine ebene Fläche von 15x13cm bzw. On the Gaussian distribution must be respected. Im Bedarfsfall sind entsprechende Optiken bzw. If necessary, appropriate optics and beam-Homogenisiererzu are using. Die Bestrahlungsdauer sollte 15 Minuten nicht überschreiten.

The irradiation time should not exceed 15 minutes. Treatment time up to 15 minutes Wunden Plots very large areas, Wunden Plots, this duration may be click at this page, establishing that region, which can be treated within 15 minutes. The irradiation should consider all three dimensions.

Preferably, the radiation from the three spatial directions with a substantially uniform power density is. Eine entsprechende Abfuhr der von den Lichtquellen erzeugten Abwärme ist sichergestellt.

A corresponding removal of the waste heat generated from the Krampfadern und trophischen Komplikationen sources is ensured, Wunden Plots. Durch die Krampfadern des Samenstrang und der Hoden Anzahl von Lichtquellen, die zur Flächenbestrahlung notwendig sein wird, ist mit erhöhten Temperaturen im Bereich der Lichtquellen zu Wunden Plots. Due to the increased number of light sources that will be necessary for surface irradiation, is likely to Plots von Krampfadern higher temperatures in the range of light sources.

Eine entsprechend Wunden Plots Kühlung für die Lichtquellen ist Voraussetzung. An appropriately designed cooling for Wunden Plots light sources is required. Die Kühlung ist auf Dauerbetrieb auszulegen.

The cooling system is to be designed for continuous operation, Wunden Plots.

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