Bewertung Varizen Venus

Bewertung Varizen Venus

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Check Memory - Venus by LG | Verizon Wireless Bewertung Varizen Venus

For the holiday shopping season, Verizon Wireless pushed out two innovative phones: There are a lot of similarities between the two phones: While the Voyage is large to accommodate the excellent QWERTY keyboard, the seductively named Venus is more compact and it Bewertung Varizen Venus a sexy look to match its name. The Venus is a music-centric device, Bewertung Varizen Venus, like the LG Chocolate. The top, larger display is not a touch screen while the bottom screen is touch sensitive.

The menu layout in calls and in most applications is very logical, offering common actions that allow you to operate the phone without sliding out the keypad. The on-screen controls include not only buttons, but also include directional controls.

When viewed indoors, the dual-displays are gorgeous—bright and color saturated. Games, videos and photos look great on the displays. They number keypad has the normal 4 rows of number keys and one row of menu keys that include call Send, Clear and call End keys. The lower display and thus the number pad that appears on it are backlit and you can adjust the brightness for the keypad. An excellent rear-firing speaker sits on the lower right corner of the back. The leather-like texture on the back of the Venus adds not only a classy look, but also adds grip since the front mirror-like panel is slippery.

The Venus gets full bars in well-covered areas and gets bars in spotty coverage areas. The phone never Bewertung Varizen Venus a call in our tests even when it had just 1 out of 4 bars in signal strength.

The Venus has very good voice quality by CDMA standards and both in-call voice and ringtones are very loud. You can take or reject a call without opening the slider as the phone gives you on-screen controls, and it offers call waiting, speed dialing, Bewertung Varizen Venus, voice command and other common call management tools.

Like other feature phones, the Venus has a contacts database. The phone book can store up to 1, entries, each with Bewertung Varizen Venus to 5 numbers, 2 email addresses and a picture ID. You can assign 95 speed dial numbers and 3 emergency contacts, an increasing popular feature on cell phones. It can voice dial via the phone, wired headset and Bluetooth headset; and can also finds numbers and email addresses for sending text and MMS messages.

Voice commands worked like a charm in our tests even with Bluetooth headsets. The Venus has text, picture and video messaging support, Bewertung Varizen Venus. Sending and receiving MMS is very fast if you are exchanging messages with Bewertung Varizen Venus Verizon users.

Kinezioteypirovanie mit Krampfadern are also web-based email, IM and chat tools. The Venus dedicates 64MB of internal memory for music storage. How is the sound quality for music playback? It can easily fill a room with music just using the built-in speaker.

Audio through a 2. You will be hard pressed to find something that sounds better than the Venus for audio quality. The music player offers basic features including shuffle, repeat, 3D sound effects Rock, Jazz, Classical, etc, Bewertung Varizen Venus.

V CAST video clips look very good on the Venus with no blockiness or obvious frame drops, and video and audio are in perfect sync. Video buffering is pretty quickly and Bewertung Varizen Venus crisp and bright screen makes the clips look good.

All games played fast and smooth on the Venus. Interestingly, the touch controls are actually more responsive in some of these games than in phone menus. VZ Navigator gives you turn-by-turn driving directions along with Bewertung Varizen Venus maps and voice guidance. The maps and routing were very accurate and the voice guidance for driving directions were spot on in our road tests.

If you have family and friends using the same service, you can send them restaurant and other POI locations via message and they will get turn-by-turn directions to that location. Like the Voyager, Bewertung Varizen Venus, the LG Venus comes with a 2, Bewertung Varizen Venus. We were very impressed with the cameras on the first and second LG Chocolate and several other LG feature phones that came out in the last year or so.

While the camera on the Venus has been upgraded to 2 megapixels, the quality of the photos is Bewertung Varizen Venus pedestrian. The images had lots of noise in both indoor and outdoor shots with a distinct cool color bias. To launch the camera, press the dedicated camera key on the right side of the Venus. The camera application uses the upper display as the viewfinder, Bewertung Varizen Venus. Though the camera application tells you to take photos with the phone in landscape mode, you can take photos with the phone in portrait position as well.

You can take still images at xxxx resolutions. You can customize the brightness, white balance, color effects and more, and the camera application also has night mode and gives you choices for shutter sound Bewertung Varizen Venus off. The photo viewer uses the touch screen cleverly: You can record either a short 30 second video clip for MMS video messaging or up to 1 hour long videos that you can save to the phone or a memory card, Bewertung Varizen Venus.

The video Bewertung Varizen Venus taken with the phone are not super clear and have some blockiness in fast moving scenes but in good lighting with stable subjects, the videos are passable.

It can save up to 20 pairing partners and the Bluetooth software has very friendly interface to help you pair the phone with computers, headsets and car kits. We tested it with several mono Bluetooth headsets for hands free calling, stereo Bluetooth headsets for music playback and PC and Mac desktop machines for sending files; the Venus paired with all easily.

The Venus was fast at transferring photos, contacts and other files via Bluetooth. In our hands free calling tests, we tested the Venus with the Plantronics Discovery branded as the Palm S3 Bluetooth headset and Cardo S mono Bluetooth headset. Voice quality through the Plantronics was choppy and we could hear artificial noise even at very close range. We could still hold a conversation, but the digital noise and choppy audio were quite noticeable.

The DSP worked reasonably well, reducing road noise and wind noise. The range with the Palm Bewertung Varizen Venus headset was about 10 feet.

The voice quality was better on the Cardo S Bluetooth headset, but not by much. The choppy audio was a bit smoother and there was less distortion.

But we could still hear some artificial noise on both incoming and outgoing ends. The range was about the same as with the Palm headset, reaching at about 10 Bewertung Varizen Venus. While the mono Bluetooth headset performance was nothing special, the Venus performed exceptionally well Medicinal Salbe von trophischen Geschwüren the stereo Bluetooth headsets we tested: The sound was full and the volume was very loud with excellent separation and Bewertung Varizen Venus. Listening to music via either headset was absolutely a joy.

The range between the Venus and the stereo Bluetooth headset was better also compared to the mono headsets, Bewertung Varizen Venus from 15 feet to 20 feet. The battery is user replaceable and you can charge it with the included world charger.

The claimed usage time is up to 4 hours and the claimed standby time is 20 days. The usage time was a bit shorter than the claimed time but not by much, and our standby tests were closer to a week and a half. If you need more juice than the standard battery provides you can get the extended mAh battery sold separately.

If you are looking for a stylish, strong multimedia phone, the Venus should be on your short list. The excellent audio, Bewertung Varizen Venus, smooth video playback and crisp screen make for a very pleasurable multimedia experience, Bewertung Varizen Venus. The phone has good looks and good build quality. The touch screen technology indeed adds to its appeal.

Excellent multimedia experience with fantastic audio and gorgeous screen for indoor use. Games play well on the phone and VZ Navigator has outstanding performance. No wired headset included. Battery is user replaceable. Has speakerphone, voice command and 95 speed dials. It also has 3 emergency contacts, Bewertung Varizen Venus. Up to 2x digital zoom.

Up to 1 hour of video recording or 30 second clips for MMS, can save images and video directly to a microSD card. Supports Note Polyphonic ringtones, Bewertung Varizen Venus. VZ Navigator, games and other applications are supported and available for purchase. Supports up to 8GB cards. Discuss this product Review posted December 6, by Tong Zhang, Senior Editor For the holiday shopping season, Verizon Wireless pushed out two innovative phones:

Bewertung Varizen Venus

The Good The LG Venus has a unique dual-screen design with onscreen navigation controls that change layout depending on the application, plus it has vibrating feedback when touched, Bewertung Varizen Venus.

It also comes with a wealth of multimedia features, EV-DO support, plus great performance. The Bad The LG Venus' touch screen is a bit gimmicky Bewertung Varizen Venus takes some getting used to, and there aren't any touch-sensitivity settings for it. The camera has no flash and no self-portrait mirror. The Bottom Line The LG Venus is a beautiful slider phone with a great feature set, but we would recommend taking the time to get used to the unusual touch-screen controls.

LG has really impressed us this year with a number of innovative handsets that offer rich feature sets and beautiful designs--the LG VX Chocolate and the LG Voyager VX are just two that have especially garnered our affections.

Now LG has come out with the LG Venus, a stunningly beautiful phone with a unique dual-screen design that features onscreen touch-sensitive controls.

Its features aren't too shabby either, with a 2-megapixel camera, a music player, 3G support, Bewertung Varizen Venus, V Cast support, and more. To find accessories for this phone, Bewertung Varizen Venus, see our cell phone ringtones and accessories guide.

A closer look, however, Bewertung Varizen Venus, reveals that there are actually two screens--the one on top is Behandlung von Krampfadern in schwangeren regular QVGA display, while the one underneath is a touch screen that shows onscreen navigation controls.

Measuring 4 inches by 2 inches by 0. This gives it a nice and Bewertung Varizen Venus feel in the hand and a comfortable grip. As we mentioned above, there are two displays on the front; the upper screen is the primary display, while the lower acts as a touch navigation array. The upper screen measures 2 inches diagonally and is simply beautiful to behold.

It supports a lusciouscolors, and graphics and animation look fantastic. We are also fans of the Venus' menu interface theme with its simple and minimalist design--quite the improvement over the classic Verizon theme. You can adjust the display's backlight, the font size, and the clock format, Bewertung Varizen Venus, but not the brightness or contrast, Bewertung Varizen Venus.

The really special thing about the Venus, however, is its unique navigation interface. For example, on the default standby page, the touch-screen layout has the Bewertung Varizen Venus button in the middle with shortcuts to messaging, contacts, a shortcuts folder, and recent calls arranged around it.

The shortcuts folder contains up to four user-defined shortcuts to different applications. On the menu interface page however, the onscreen layout changes to an OK button in the middle and up and down arrows positioned above and below it. Similarly, when the music player is activated, you will see music player controls on the display, and when the camera is activated, you will see camera controls instead.

We were very skeptical with the usability of the onscreen controls. For one thing, we had to constantly hit the unlock button when the phone went to sleep. Also, the lack of tactile buttons does mean that you have to pay more attention so you can avoid accidental presses. We were also disappointed that you couldn't alter the touch-sensitivity of the controls. That said, Bewertung Varizen Venus, the controls require a light yet firm touch, Bewertung Varizen Venus, so accidental presses didn't happen that often.

Also, the touch-screen interface does feature haptic controls, and you can adjust the vibration levels depending on how much feedback you want. So on the whole, we think Bewertung Varizen Venus touch-screen navigation works really well, though it's still a little too gimmicky. The slider mechanism felt quite sturdy when opening and closing the phone as Bewertung Varizen Venus. All keys are very well-spaced apart with a lovely raised curved texture that makes it quite easy to dial by feel.

The keypad also has alternating colors, which we think is a nice touch. The volume rocker, voice recorder button, and headset and charger jacks sit on the left spine, Bewertung Varizen Venus, while the right is home Bewertung Varizen Venus a microSD card slot, a dedicated Music player key, and a dedicated camera key.

On the back is the camera lens. Features The LG Venus is more than just a pretty face; in fact, it has a very impressive feature set that complements its design nicely.

But before we get to that, we'll start with the basics. The Venus has a 1,entry contacts list with room in each entry for five phone numbers and two e-mail addresses. You Bewertung Varizen Venus organize them by caller groups, and pair them with a photo or any of 16 ringtones and five alert tones for caller ID. Other essentials include a vibrate mode, a speakerphone, text and multimedia messaging, a calendar, an alarm clock, a world clock, a stopwatch, a notepad, a tip calculator, Bewertung Varizen Venus, and a voice memo recorder, plus voice command support.

A nice departure from Verizon, the Bluetooth supports file transfer, object push, and dial-up networking protocols. A radical redesign that's nearly all screen includes a new cutting-edge facial recognition Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. We'll remove comments that violate our policy. Please read our Comment Policy before commenting. Don't show this again. Compare These Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The Venus has onscreen navigation controls on a touch-screen display. The Venus displays onscreen music player controls when the music player is activated. Continue to next page 01 Best Phones of LG just gave Samsung a run for the Bewertung Varizen Venus. But we're still waiting on the Siri-like AI.

The Pixel 2's superb camera makes it worth a look. FCC chief moves to eliminate net neutrality regulations. How to give your parents the security talk this Thanksgiving. Uber hid hack that exposed data of 57 million users, drivers.

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